Shear Stud Connectors Technical Sizes

ISO 13918
Studs and Ceramic Ferrules for Arc Stud Welding
is the technical standard for shear studs which specifies:
1-the requirements for studs and ceramic ferrules for arc stud welding;
2-dimensions, materials, mechanical properties

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Composite construction has proved popular over the last twenty years, and has largely accounted for the dominance of steel frames in multi-storey buildings within the UK.
The main benefits in using composite beams are that:
• Savings in steel weight of between 30 to 50% can be achieved compared to noncomposite beams.
• The increased stiffness of composite beams can result in them being shallower than non-composite beams for the same span; this can lead to lower storey heights and a reduction to cladding costs which is significant, as cladding can represent up to 20% of the total building cost, or allowing more room for mechanical services. The cold formed profiled steel sheeting is an integral part of the structural system as it performs the following roles:
• It acts as a safe working platform and protects the workers below.
• It supports the loads during construction and may eliminate the need for temporary propping.
• It acts as permanent formwork for the concrete slab.
• Through mechanical or frictional interlock (and/or the provision of end anchorage), composite action can develop with the concrete such that the sheet provides all, or part, of the main tension reinforcement to the slab.
• Through the provision of through-deck welded stud shear connectors, the composite slab may be used to provide restraint to the steel beams.
shear stud connector UK

Shear Stud Welding Ferrules

Welding ceramics are strong to help you achieve the perfect welding result. Ceramics for direct welding to steel or through welding are supplied with the shear stud connectors without any additional cost

shear stud connector UK

Shear Stud Connection in Composite beams

The Shear Stud is made of steel and it is delivered with a ceramic ferrule to ensure a good connection of the Stud with the beam.The shear Studs are available in different lengths and diameters . The length of the Stud will be reduced by approximately 5mm during the welding process. All Shear Studs are supplied with ferrules. The ferrules are made of clay and able to withstand heat shock as well as high temperatures without melting or breaking.

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Shear connectors are typically used in composite steel construction for holding concrete slabs to steel members to resist shear forces and
increase shear loading capacity in steel buildings, bridges, columns caissons, containment liners, etc. They also act as embedment anchors
on miscellaneous embedded plates, frames, angles, strip plates, attachments and connections.

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